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August 4, 2015 in she's a beauty by editor

Beauty brand Yes To harnesses the skin perfecting powers of the grapefruit for its newest range.

The tangy taste of the grapefruit may not be for everyone, but its health benefits are universal. An excellent source of vitamins C and A, this photogenic citrus fruit has also been touted for its natural abilities to boost the immune system and reduce stress. But if you just can’t get past the taste, you can still take advantage of grapefruit’s benefits — topically, it works as an effective astringent for oily, blemish-prone skin. It can also help fade post-acne hyperpigmentation and darkened age spots.

Yes To, the cheerful San Fran skincare brand known for its all-natural beauty products, has harnessed the skin perfecting powers of the grapefruit into a new range of super affordable masks, peels, and serums. Take for instance the Toning Mist, which you just lightly spray on to instantly hydrate your skin (which comes in especially handy during these dog days of summer). Correct & Repair is a restorative brew of grapefruit, lilac extract, and tree tea oil designed to reduce the appearance of pores. If you are plagued with an uneven complexion, the creamy Brightening Peel will help diminish reddish and brown spots. And for a spa-like treatment at home, give the Pore Perfection Paper Mask a go. All products smell amazingly authentic, like you just cut open a fresh grapefruit, and you can mix and match them with Yes To’s other fruit and veggie-based products to create a custom-made skincare prescription for all of your complexion’s needs.

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