Stacey Appel has wanted to work in fashion ever since she was a wee lass and watched a television profile of Madonna’s bridal dress designer circa 1985. Growing up, Saturday mornings were spent devouring episodes of “Style With Elsa Klensch” with a sketchbook in one hand and color pencils in the other (she credits Madame Klensch with teaching her the correct pronunciations of “Gianfranco Ferré” and “Thierry Mugler”).

After graduating from university with a degree in fashion design, she ultimately spent most of her time backstage in London and New York City, shuffling between Fashion Week and theatrical costuming gigs. At the dawn of the internet (1997!) she started a Geocities-based website called “The Super Stylin’ Lads of Rock”, a best-dressed list of rock stars who stepped up their fashion game during the waning days of grunge. With this her editorial career was off and running (however meagerly) and within a few years, the site’s moniker was changed to “The Dedicated Follower of Fashion”, named after the Kinks’ 1966 ditty. In an industry where age is a detriment, she’s proud to be running one of the oldest fashion websites in all the land.

Stacey is also a stylist and is the former fashion editor of dearly departed Boho magazine. In 2011, she won the grand prize in Lucky magazine’s Search for a Lifestyle Editor competition. Her first book, Michael Jackson Style, an in-depth exploration of the King of Pop’s influence on fashion, is available now at More info on her writing and styling work can be found in her online portfolio.

Topping her extensive list of style heros: 70’s-era Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson Off the Wall, Gucci Fall ’95 collection, Jamel Shabazz’s Back in the Days, Goldie Hawn, Olivia Newton-John, mod-period Barbie, and classic episodes of “Soul Train”.

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