sew-thin patterns

September 14, 2013 in just drawn that way, photo play by editor

From the August 1971 issue of Seventeen

‘Is yours a pound problem? One eclair too many, not enough action, and before you can so “no thanks,” you’re overweight! Help is on the way: optical illusions to sew.’

‘The jacket cashes in on lean seaming…Spots are scaled scaled small like pinpoints…’

‘Sew on the vertical, see your mirror reflect a trimmer figure.’

‘Take the eye on an upward path, focus toward the top…The lovable elephant dress keeps your figure in slender perspective…’

‘Out of sight — that’s where extra pounds go when you sew to fool the eye.
Camouflage is your game, making super cover-ups to tide you over the curve crisis!’

Illustrations by Geri Blackwell