sun is the reason

August 2, 2013 in photo play by editor

From the May 1964 issue of Seventeen magazine

“Sun is the reason when fun comes in season —
this kind of fun, all wet and wonderful and summery slick!”

seventeen_magazine_1960s_beach_fashion_1“On the West Coast and Hawaii shores, surfing’s the teen-age rage — here, the crowd’s just coming in.”

seventeen_magazine_1960s_beach_fashion_3“Big bold stripes divide into a little midriff top, rope-tied surfer pants.”

seventeen_magazine_may_1964_surfer_girls“What are new swimsuits doing nowadays? They’re moving the separates idea out of the closet into your beach bag!”

seventeen_magazine_1960s_beach_fashion_2“The new wave in surfing suits — a different kind of suit look, eased for action and based on what the boys wear!”

1960s_vintage_swimsuit_girls“The pretty fit of elastic puckering brings zing to serious swimwear!”

seventeen_magazine_may_1964_surfer_girls_2“A side-slit skirt joins the fun, adds extra coverage!”

1960s_vintage_bikini_girls“With suits like these, you’ll move through the water like a fish — and stay for the fun when boat and paddles have been beached.”

Photographed by Joe Santoro