December 21, 2012 in homestyle, photo play by editor

From the February 15th, 1970 issue of Vogue

“A contemporary shell masking seventeenth-century bones — the Paris apartment of
M. and Mme. François Catroux.”

Vogue 1970 mod decor“Clear, clean, defiantly Op-Art, this apartment was created by the young French designer,
François Catroux, to fit like a box within a box into the ornate rooms of a seventeenth-century
hôtel particulier…”

Vogue 1970 betty Catroux“Mme. Catroux and her whippet in front of the polished steel chimneypiece in the living room
with a wooden bird figure from Gabon.”

Vogue 1970 mod decor“In the bedroom, a sculpture by Munari faces the opulent Op-Art bed designed by Catroux and covered… in maxi-striped skai.”

Vogue 1970 mod decor

Francois“Vibrant, handsome, with easy authentic elegance, M. and Mme. François Catroux in their living room, move in stir in Paris.” (ed — and wearing coordinated YSL safari ensembles)

Paris fashion in the 1970s“The stamp of François Catroux marks every space he decorates. Here, the apartment of Mme. Raymonde Zehnacker, the director of Christian Dior Boutique in Paris…”

Francois Catroux and Betty catroux“Technically daring, rooms designed by Catroux are impressive, vital compounds of efficiency
and elegance, of cooperation between modern art and modern science.”

Photography: Horst P. Horst