illustrated versace

January 25, 2012 in just drawn that way, photo play, stop look & listen by editor

Check out these boss vintage Versace fashion illustrations from the Fall/Winter 1994 collection. Scanned in from the actual print ads, they were lovingly ripped out of Vogue many, many moons ago.

A bit of detective work uncovered this video of the actual runway show. How neat is it to see these drawings in motion?

Every bod on that runway is of supermodel caliber: Naomi, Christy, Linda, Kate, Nadja, Helena, Shalom, Claudia, Yasmeen, Ève, Carla. Look closely at the illustrations and you can even see some familiar faces (like Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss in that second one). Gianni sure did do it up right.

To watch the second half of the show, and play another round of Spot the Drawing, click here.