trade by gina la morte

February 6, 2017 in she's got the look by editor

This new accessories line is both dreamy, free-spirited and socially conscious.

You remember Boho, right? Boho was one of the last, great independent fashion/ lifestyle magazines, one that we would rush to Barnes & Nobles to grab every season and cozy up with for hours, reading every single page. With a strong focus on sustainable living and charitable giving, Boho was printed on non-glossy 100% post-consumer recycled paper that felt so good as you flipped the pages that each issue seemed too precious to get rid of. Boho was the brainchild of Gina La Morte, a fashion editor and stylist who launched the publication when she saw an unfilled niche for fashion (and environmentally) conscious young women who didn’t quite fit in with the Vogue/ Glamour crowd.

Unfortunately, Boho met the same fate as many other print mags of the 00’s and shuttered in 2011. But its thoughtful founder has been working hard on other projects and has just unveiled her latest endeavor — Trade by Gina La Morte. Trade is a tightly-edited collection of handbags and accessories that captures the dreamy, free-spirited vibe that drove Boho magazine. Standouts include the hand-painted TWOgether leather feather necklaces/key chain and Trinity Mini Crossbody, a front-flap bag with gold triangular hardware (especially in Bohemian Blush… why does light pink feel so on-point right now?) Trade bags are made in New York and in coordination with Fashion For Freedom, a social initiative that supports victims of sex trafficking, so every purchase takes us one step closer to eradicating the abuse once and for all.