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February 22, 2015 in she's a beauty by editor

Tony Moly is a South Korean-based beauty brand known for its adorable packaging and environmentally friendly products. Launched in 2006, the name is part American (“tony” = fancy) and part Japanese (‘moly” = flourishing) and together, roughly translates into cute and thriving.

Tony Moly claims that through research and testing, they have discovered the ultimate secrets to youthful skin. However, it’s better to approach the products as a way to inject some fun into your beauty routine rather than the result of actual science. And in that respect, they’ve got you covered. Lip balms and hand creams housed in little fruit-shaped pots are infused with extracts of apricot, peach, and various berries. The Bunny Gloss bars are topped with mix-and-match rabbit face caps. In a clear shade of citron green, the Clean Dew Cleansing oil looks as fresh as it sounds — containing natural apple and mint, it’s so pretty that you might want to put the bottle on bathroom counter rather than hide it in the shower. While most items are in the $8-20 range, there are some more pricey finds, like the Snail Cream. At $54, it’s a rich skin cream that contains the “filtrated mucin” a la escargot that’s supposed to nourish and rejuvenate your complexion.


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