the designers – todd oldham/ anna sui

March 8, 2017 in stop look & listen by editor

This article appeared in the the Baltimore Sun on November 11, 1993

Anna Sui, one of the new kids on the designer circuit, presented a romping kiddie collection. She wants to put the twenty-somethings who patronize her street-smart line into naughty baby dresses and schoolgirl gear. She sent out little plaid cotton kilts with shrunken Peruvian sweaters, a lighthearted summer version of street grunge. On the sweeter side, she showed short denim apron wrap dresses, silver leather hot pants and hip skirts and skimpy vintage print shifts. To reinforce the kiddie theme, she put models in fuzzy stuffed animal hats, white knee socks and silver tap-dance-class shoes.

Her collection, which draws the brat pack and lots of giggles, is always a fun event because her clothes are priced for young budgets rather than serious investors.

The Oldham show is one of fashion week’s hot tickets. Always colorful, always fun and the models love to work it even if it means a cut in pay. Cindy Crawford made her first appearance of the week wearing red and black flame print stretch pants and black bra top. Wow! This show was no place for waifs. Oldham does his own thing, which is vibrant color. He showed bright pinks, tie dyes, patched prints and complex embroideries. Even in quieter combinations, a hot print lines the jacket.

A drive across America was the theme, and Oldham confidently shifted gears through the season’s hot shapes. Slips, hot pants and tank tops were all there, with the added dimension of rich pattern.

A good ride all the way.