spring | alexandre vauthier

March 5, 2017 in she's got the look by editor

Alexandre Vauthier is not the only designer cultivating the 80s rock vixen look, but he is definitely our favorite. Perhaps its because he never (okay, rarely) steps over the line from sexy to trashy, but we never fancied short sweetheart neck dresses until Vaulthier put his own spin on them.

And while he hasn’t completely abandoned the party every day spirit for spring, the mood is decidedly more laid back. Rather than conjuring images of Headbanger’s Ball, Vaulthier’s lookbook echoes fashion editorials of the late 80s/90s, in particular Anna Wintour’s celebrated first Vogue cover shot my Peter Lindburgh. Because it’s not just the clothes, it’s the styling and cinematography — that pairing of ripped denim with an embellish jacket, piles of gold jewelry, massive shoulder pads, shot on busy Parisian streets. This type of ‘high-low mix’ is far from new, but with this collection, Vaulthier rings back to a time when it was revolutionary, when Michaela Bercu wore that bejeweled Christian Lacroix cross sweater with a pair of Guess jeans.

All images via AlexandreVauthier.com