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September 17, 2015 in homestyle, just drawn that way by editor

Sophie Griotto is the latest French fashion illustrator to land on our radar.

France doesn’t officially have a monopoly on fashion illustration, but it sure does seem to produce so many aces in the field. The latest to land on our radar is Sophie Griotto. Born in Alès, Griotto studied the applied arts in Nîmes and Toulouse and currently works out of the south of France. Her illustration career began at a Parisian ad agency where she was hired as a storyboard artist to map out ad campaigns for clients like Dior and Gaultier. Through these projects, she perfected her bewitching, fluid style and within a few years, became a full-time illustrator. Griotto’s mixed-medium work combines ink, pencil, and pixels, and branches across fashion, lifestyle and children’s book spectrums. However, beautiful women are her subject of choice, and Griotto tries to capture them in everyday situations (never has book reading or changing clothes looked so glamorous). She has worked with Swatch, Elle, and Volkswagon, and last year, she was commissioned by Rayz Suites in Paris to customize the walls in several of their rooms.










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