how to be a fashion star

October 11, 2013 in photo play by editor

From the September 1969 issue of Seventeen

‘On stage is your setting, wherever you are! You’re a star, in fashions that range from the essence of romance to the newest of design dramatics.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_1‘Arpeja of Los Angeles gives us slinks, cligny and romantic ripples of star-blinked satin.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_2‘Tonni-Modeller of Stockholm shapes two dresses, to put more stars in more eyes!’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_3‘Maggie of Montreal sets the world on fire with three dazzling displays of pyrotechnics.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_4‘Clobber of London presents two swinging duets, in hot and cool tones of red and green.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_5‘Charlie’s Girls make the New York scene wherever they are in way-ahead satin slicks,
each as bright and shiny as a new penny and tossed with its own fringed scarf.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_6‘Mia-Vicky of Paris: the dress-ups with ooomph! Sharing the spotlight on this page, two fabulous
new fashions with slither and lace — as nostalgic as the romance of Garbo and Gilbert.’

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_7‘Liselotte of Copenhagen makes an impact with understatements — in subtle green and mocha
shined at unexpected places with the rage now sweeping the Continent: patches of cobra!

seventeen_magazine_sep-1969_8‘Margit Brandt of Copenhagen assembles components of curly shearling and smooth cotton
and creates coats full of exciting contrasts.’

Photographed by Bruce Laurance