January 23, 2017 in just drawn that way by editor

Sean Avery is an artist whose creates amazing animal sculptures out of discarded CDs and DVDs.

Compact discs are not a totally dead technology, but they are becoming more and more irrelevant now that everyone streams their music online. This means that old CDs are piling up in thrift stores and (worse) in landfills. To stay on Mother Nature’s good side, it’s crucial to recycle those discs rather then throw them out. Or, you can be like Sean Avery and get your creativity on. By day, the South African artist (who resides in Perth, Australia) is a writer and illustrator of children’s books. But after hours, he is a master sculptor whose main medium is ‘electronic waste’, aka discarded CDs and DVDs. By using a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, Sean meticulously cuts up the discs into tiny little shards and then assembles them onto a wire mesh frame that he has shaped into an animal of choice. Each little guy takes a week or more to create and the results are mesmerizing in their detail, color, and charm. Sean’s work has appeared in galleries all over the world and he accepts commissions straight from his website. And since all components of his sculptures are recycled, they are considered ‘sustainable art’. Of the inspiration for his work, he says, ‘I always found tech fascinating to look at and the fact that most of it is unrecyclable made me want to find a better use for it.’

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