resort | andrew gn

January 29, 2017 in she's got the look by editor

We’re in the midst of our grey mid-winter days which means a little bit of color and positivity goes a long way. So Andrew Gn’s uplifting resort collection really hits the spot. A global mash-up of vivid color and embellishment, Gn’s joyful travel theme takes on a surprisingly poignant tone in light of recent news. Ikat motifs and Mayan patterns harmonize on kimono-sleeve dresses and peasant blouses. Flowers, birds and insects, inspired by the paintings of French naturalist Comte de Buffon, are hand-painted and embroidered to perfection. And just when you think he’s gone full maximalist, Gn takes a step back from adornment and plays with seams and stitching, like the very 70s ‘sunrise’ patchwork skirt, or the curved top-stitching on short shorts.

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