the art of quilling

January 2, 2017 in homestyle, just drawn that way by editor

Paper quilling dates back hundreds of years, to at least the 16th century when French and Italian nuns utilized the decorative art to adorn book covers and religious objects. Along with needlepoint and embroidery, quilling was also a popular past time for leisurely Victorian ladies who decorated everything from trinket boxes to purses. And while quilling tools are more sophisticated these days, the actual process hasn’t changed much at all — it still involves tiny slivers of paper meticulously curled with a hand-held roller and then glued onto a flat surface to create designs. The ladies over at Quilling Card have taken this old world craft and infused it with a joyfully modern touch. They create gorgeous quilled greeting cards in bright colors and contemporary designs that you’ll buy with the intent of giving but will want to keep for yourself. Artwork is conceived at the company’s Massachusetts studio and then sent to Vietnam, where a team of quillers hand-makes every single card, gift-tag, and art piece. Also something to love? Quilling Card is Fair Trade Certified, providing a living wage, safe work conditions, and health benefits to its growing team of nearly 500 overseas employees.

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