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June 6, 2016 in sharp-dressed men, stop look & listen by editor

Got cash? Then celebrate Prince’s legacy with gear from his actual closet.

Today would have been the Prince’s 58th birthday and while we are still mourning this incredible loss, all over the world, folks are celebrating his legacy (as if we haven’t already been doing so for the past six weeks). Dance parties are popping up from Cleveland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame to London’s George Tavern and back in his home state of Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton has declared June 7th ‘Prince Day’.

There will no doubt be a lot of purple worn this week. But if you’ve got some cash to spare, why not get some gear from Prince’s actual wardrobe? From June 29th to July 1st, Profiles in History will be holding the summer edition of their Hollywood Auction series. Amongst the pages of memorabilia available for bidding is a selection of costume items that any Prince fan would kill to own. Included is the cropped blazer that the Kid wears while teasing Apollonia by the lake in Purple Rain and two white puffy blouses, one from the film another from the accompanying tour. Less recognizable but equally cool are a pair of cufflinks from Prince’s ill-fated film Graffiti Bridge, a prop necklace from the video for ‘Diamonds and Pearls’, and a pair of ridiculously incredible thigh-high boots that Prince wore during the ‘Lovesexy Tour’ of ’88-89. You can attend the event in person, or bid online, but with prices starting in the thousands (the opening bid on the boots alone is $10,000!), you might just want to flip through the online catalog or even order one — there are tons of other costumes, props, and artworks that are worth a look even if the mailman put your million dollar check in someone else’s box.