new madness at the discothèque

May 5, 2013 in photo play by editor

From the May 27, 1966 issue of Life magazine

“To enjoy the latest thing in discothèques, you had better wear ear plugs, dark glasses and shin guards.
Otherwise, you may be deafened, blinded and bruised in the electronic earthquake that engulfs you…”

mod disco fashion life magazine 1966“At ‘The World’, dancers gyrate amid far-out movies and flashing lights.”

disco fashion life magazine 1966
“Seedbed of new sound and light concept is Bob Goldstein’s Lightworks lab, where nightclub owners
come to learn the latest and friends come to dance…”

Exploding Plastic Inevitable life magazine 1966
“Andy Warhol’s touring troupe, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, creates a cacaphony
for dancers at The Trip in Los Angeles…”

plastic fashion life magazine 1966
“At La Bison, a new private club in Chicago, decor includes an automated abstract light-painting called
The Translator which changes colors and patterns in response to the pitch of musical notes.”

“At Cheetah, on Broadway, 3,000 colored light bulbs dim and brighten, flick on and off
as the music rises and sinks.”

disco fashion life magazine 1966
“Here, the dancers churn in response to mood keyed by pop music and ‘light paintings’ which are flashed
onto screens in the background.”

plastic mod fashion life magazine 1966
“At Arthur, in New York, the country’s most famous discothèque, the patrons add a bizarre air to the club,
arrayed before a Mondrianesuqe background in their Op art mad rags.”

cheetah boutique life magazine 1966
“Cheetah has a boutique, within ear-shot of the big beat of the band playing inside. Here, boutique partner
Lillemor shows Carole Boyle of the Bronx the latest in Carnaby Street styling.”