the long, cool summer

August 3, 2014 in photo play by editor

From the July 1995 issue of Vogue ~

‘When the weather is warm clothes that travel easily from work to weekend can be hard to find. The solution? A collection of simple pieces — in the ever-black black and beige.’

‘Relaxing in style: A slim-fitting wool sweater, a high-cut maillot, and a beach umbrella allow even the palest skins to enjoy a day at the shore.’

‘Making the jump from baggy shirts and shorts, the best pieces are slim tops and skinny pants, all in shades of sand and smoke.’
‘This summer’s little black dress means bare limbs and a cleanly cut A-line.’

‘A cool summer shower calls for a warm cover-up.’
‘The clean cut investments to make now: a sleeveless tank and skinny pants in fashion’s favorite finish: shine.’

‘The best beachwear starts with a great suit and ends with a soft cover-up.’
‘Bare legs and classic shades drive summer clothes home.’

‘As if on cue, Richard Tyler and Bill Blass greet summer with chic little designs for maximum exposure.’

‘In a season full of choices that work, two options stand out: the mod-influenced dress and the short-sleeve top and straight skirt.’

Photography by Pamela Hanson
Fashion Editor Brana Wolf