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January 20, 2016 in the 101 by editor

Did Nasty Gal just copy vintage dresses for their new ‘Love, Courtney’ collection?

Much hullabaloo was made this week when online retailer Nasty Gal unveiled their ‘Love, Courtney’ collection, a line of babydolls, slip dresses, and lacey something-or-others touted as a ‘collaboration’ between NG and Courtney Love Cobain. But you don’t need to be a scholar of 90s grunge fashion to see that a few of these pieces look a little too close to the real thing. Love said in an interview with Live Nation, ‘the [Nasty Gal] team came to my closet and found images of dresses I’ve worn before’ but clarified, “We didn’t copy the dresses necessarily—we modernized them.”

But did they really? These two numbers (called Doll Parts and Best Sunday) appear not so much inspired-by but straight-up copies of dresses that Love wore back-in-the-day.


And for good measure, NG threw in some fishnet high-heels (below right) perhaps ‘inspired by’ Christian Louboutin’s Black Follies pumps (left).


Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane has been widely criticized for his own unwavering fixation on 90s grunge which peaked for SS16 when he sent an entire line-up of models down the runway in Courtney-inspired tiaras and transparent mini dresses. Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso noted this to Livenation, smugly suggesting ‘Saint Laurent is Courtney Love and wouldn’t you rather just have Courtney Love?’

But at these prices, would you even want Nasty Gal? Surely, LC x NG ‘kinderwhore’ knock-offs are a fraction of what you’d pay at Saint Laurent, but at least Slimane’s clothes are impeccably constructed and cut from luxe fabrics. Nasty Gal’s cheapo dresses are ‘Imported’ and made from polyester and yet, they will still set you back between $118 and $168 a piece. Why not pull a real 90s Courtney Love and slip into something vintage? Most of her dresses dated to the 1960s/70s and were harvested from thrift stores. And today, you also have 90s vintage to dig through since much of grunge style is rooted in the 60s. That’s a lot of options!

If you are an avid thrifter, then you know that satin and lace slips can be had at a few bucks a piece. If sifting through racks of used clothes is not your thing, there is always eBay or Etsy, where hunting can be tedious but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Below are a bunch of dresses we found on Etsy — they’re all authentic vintage and priced under $50. And don’t forget that you can take a pair of scissors to anything you buy and customize to your heart’s content. That’s the real spirit of grunge.


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