flower of the woods

May 15, 2016 in just drawn that way, photo play by editor

A series of ads from the 1970s for the Coty fragrance Muguet des bois

‘Why a boy gives a girl flowers’

jun72-muguet-de-bois-70s-fragrance-ad‘He said he gave me flowers because flowers are soft and pretty.’ (1972)

april73-muguet-de-bois-vintage-ad-70s‘He said he gave me flowers because they’re something real and honest.’ (1973)

may77-muguet-de-bois-vintage-ad-70s‘The fragrance of love, romance, and springtime.’ (1977)

april78-muguet-de-bois-vintage-ad-70s‘The romantic fragrance of the Lily of the Woods.’ (1978)

may79-muguet-de-bois-vintage-ad-70s‘Let yourself go. As far as your dreams take you.’ (1979)

First three ads by David McCall Johnston. Fourth ad by Michal. Last ad, unknown artist.