losing their religion

August 9, 2016 in good reads, photo play by editor


Crack open Paul Anderson’s book Mods: The New Religion (Omnibus Press) and you may think you’ve discovered some old 1960s scrapbook, lovingly stuffed with music and fashion artifacts from counterculture’s most stylish scene. A visual exploration of the fleeting British youth movement which was all but gone by ’64, Mods takes first-hand stories from the scene’s top faces and musicians and illustrates them with rare photos, club flyers, vintage news clippings, and record art. When it comes to the mods, style — the clothes, the scooters, the hair — was as important as the music so even when the discussion veers towards pill-popping and cool jerking, there is an endless stream of imagery that recreates the mod world in time-warping Kodachrome.