a mushrooming of domes

July 31, 2015 in homestyle, photo play by editor

From the July 14th, 1972 issue of Life ~

‘The U.S. takes to living in the round.’

‘This golden sphere — in effect two geodesic domes joined together — is round as the moon in this double exposure.’

‘Near Fresno, California, Dr. Charles Bingham and his family live in a pair of two-level domes put up by Cathedralite Domes. A bedroom is upstairs.’

‘Kitchen cabinets in Walter Scales’s home near San Diego have irregular interior dimensions to conform with the contour of the dome.’

‘Editor Lloyd Kahn, an expert on domes, built this all-purpose one-room California home by himself with wood panels and Plexiglass.’

‘A greenhouse on Long Island by Dome East consists of a vinyl sheet fastened to an aluminum frame’ (left)
‘Salt Lake City engineer Robert Wright solved the curvature problem in his own house by putting his dome on stilts with a vertical wall beneath.’ (right)

Photos by John Dominis