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February 28, 2017 in just drawn that way by editor

It’s always inspiring to discover successful, creative people who live outside of artistic hubs New York and Los Angeles. Don’t get us wrong, NYC and LA are fab, but many would prefer to just visit, rather than live there. And with high rents in those cities making it difficult for artists to live and work comfortably, we’d like to think one doesn’t necessarily have to chose between food and rent to pursue their passion, especially since the web makes it easier than ever to connect with like-minded people (and customers) from all over the world.

Last week we talked about Veronica Hamlet, the Grand Rapid, Michigan-based interior designer who also runs a Moroccan rug business and has built an Instagram fan-base of over 65,000. Today, say, ‘Hello’ to Kelly Ventura. Also hailing from Michigan (in the city of Milford), Kelly is an artist/ designer whose lively watercolor illustrations have graced home products and accessories of retailers like Crate & Barrel and the Land of Nod. Abstract florals and fresh food are her main focus, and the bright, natural light that floods her home studio translates into paintings that are airy, expressive, and uncluttered. Kelly uses a light-hand in her artwork, applying sheer layers of color and allowing the watered-down pigments to do their own thing, creating botanical swirls that are perfectly imperfect. Currently, her art prints are available through Target, West Elm, and Etsy. And if you want to make your own pillows or draperies, check out her custom-designed textiles at Windham Fabrics.