isn’t it iconic | the tide is high

March 22, 2017 in stop look & listen by editor

How to get Debbie Harry’s boy-meets-girl look seen in this 1981 clip from ‘Solid Gold’.

Debbie Harry in ‘The Tide is High’

Blondie was initially pinned as ‘punk/ new wave’ band, but they dabbled in other genres almost as much as they worked the rock ‘n’ roll, experimenting with disco, hip-hop, funk, and the blues. The first release from their album Autoamerican (1980) was a cover of ‘The Tide Is High’, the 1967 tune by Jamaican vocal group, the Paragons which was actually written in the 1930s by DJ Duke Reid. Blondie’s version put a modern reggae spin on the original, and was a global hit, sailing to #1 in the US and UK and hitting the Top 10 all over the world. In this performance from 1981, Debbie Harry (sans band) appeared on the TV show ‘Solid Gold’ to perform ‘The Tide is High’ when it topped the weekly countdown. It’s an unintentionally wacky performance, with the fabulously unpolished Debbie fronting a bunch of aerobicized dancers in high-cut leotards and sequins. Awkwardness all around, and we love every second of it.

About the Look

What we’ve always appreciated about Debbie is that for all the talk about her being a sex kitten, she was also a tomboy at heart. This style juxtaposition is captured in her look here, where she teams a loose fit tee with camouflage short shorts, high-heels and knee socks. Our version mixes both Debbie’s look and a splash of Solid Gold Dancers, because how can you not? Also worth noting is that while this clip is from 1981, we also found Debbie wearing what appears to be the same shorts in this segment from 1977. Repeating clothes, just like a real person! You’d never see that happen in showbiz today.

shorts: True Religion | sequin top: Blue Les Copains | bangle: Kate Spade | socks: Charlotte | ring: AHAlife | lip gloss: Urban Decay
sunglasses: Givenchy | heels: Versace | cuff: Bvlgari