how to make a feather pen

July 22, 2015 in the 101 by editor


Thanks to ‘Clueless’, these fluffy pens were everywhere in late 90s.
Here’s a tutorial so you can make one (or ten) yourself.

‘Clueless’ was undoubtably a trendsetter when it came to fashion, and accessories played a huge part in the styling. In fact, it’s those little trims and details that really elevated the costumes to icon-status. There was no bigger accessory to come out of the film than the marabou feather pen. Cher had one to go with every outfit and they coordinated with the plumage on her clothes and handbags. After the release of ‘Clueless’, variations on the fuzzy pen popped up in every teen mall store across America and they are as closely identified with the film as the yellow plaid suit.

Those pens are harder to find these days, but you can actually make your own since they are actually pretty easy to put together. Most of the things you’ll need can be found around the house and the rest are easy to come by at your local craft store.



Marabou feather trim
Non-retractable ball-point pen (make sure that it does not have a pocket clip on it)
Tape (any type will do, we used clear)
1/2″ wide satin ribbon — 1 yard
Hot glue gun and glue
Glitter (optional)



1 — Cut a 7″ length of marabou trim
2 — Trim the feathers down at the ends of the strip — about 1/2″ on each end (pictured above). This will make it easier to tape the trim to the pen.

3 — Fold the strip in half and tape it to the top of the pen (as pictured). Wrap a few inches of tape around the pen to really secure into place.

4– Tape one end of your ribbon to the pen, right below the feathers.

5– Wrap the ribbon around the pen, winding it down to the point. Every so often, dot the ribbon with hot gun to help secure it into place.

6– When you get to the bottom of the pen, trim off excess ribbon — it’s best to cut it at an angle to reduce fraying. After it is cut, hot glue into place.


There will still be a bit of the original pen showing at the point. If the color matches the ribbon, you can leave it as is (like in the movie). I decided to cover it with glitter. To do this, just dab the bottom of the pen with your glue gun and quickly (before the glue dries) dunk the end of the pen into a pot of glitter until it is fully-coated. Remove the pen and pinch the glittery end to press down any lumps from the glue. Let air dry.