freddy goes to hollywood

May 9, 2016 in good reads, just drawn that way by stacey

When I stumbled across this relic during a recent slip down eBay’s vintage rabbit hole, I knew I had to have it: a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog that appears to be from the late’ish 1970s (no exact date found). This tiny little period of fashion heaven never gets old for me (High waist bell-bottoms! Rhinestone jumpsuits! Itty bitty jogging shorts!), but the best part, is that the catalog is almost completely illustrated. There’s page after page of hand-drawn, Farrah Fawcett-haired ladies wearing the latest in trashy, flammable lingerie, swimwear, and too-tight-to-breathe day clothes. Frederick’s doesn’t even sell clothes anymore, but back then, their wares were on many a tight tush looking for some hot stuff on the dance floor. I only paid $10 for this too, a real steal since I’ve seen them go for much more.