these broken wings

November 1, 2016 in homestyle, just drawn that way by editor

Dutch artist Anne ten Donkelaar is a creative scavenger. Using flowers, leaves, and insects she finds in her garden and along her travels, she assembles intricate montages that are delicate, magical, and so obviously made with love. For her colorful Flower Constructions, Donkelaar combines real petals and blossoms which she runs through a press, and paper flowers that she cuts out from old storybooks. Making sure to utilize all parts of plant (not just the prettiest bits), she uses stems and leaves for support, telling Flower Magazine, ‘I love a flower with really long legs. It makes it more elegant somehow, almost as if it’s flying.’ In her Broken Butterfly series, Donkelaar gives new life to damaged wings, adding mini balloons or kites to help the disabled butterflies take flight. And that grasshopper with legs for days? It’s not some rare breed, he’s just all dressed up for ‘Carnival’, decked out in custom-made ‘high heels’ and bright green wings.