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March 18, 2017 in she's got the look by editor

Tommy Hilfiger’s Florida mansion looks like an episode of ‘Laugh-In’ broadcast live from Andy Warhol’s factory.

If someone asked you to envision what Tommy Hilfiger’s house looked like, you’d probably think it would an homage to American preppy, draped in seersucker and plaid, with at least one stars-and-stripes quilt laying around. So his Golden Beach, Florida mansion might surprise you. There are nods to his brand’s red, white and blue heritage, but overwhelmingly, the decor looks like an episode of ‘Laugh-In’ broadcast live from Andy Warhol’s factory.

In 2007, Tommy and his wife Dee bought the property and hired interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to fuse the flashy colors of Miami with the Hilfigers’ taste for pop art and pop culture (Dee reportedly told Martyn ‘If it’s not shagadelic or groovy, it’s not coming into the house’). To achieve this, they worked backwards. Instead of decorating and then finding art that fit, they designed the decor around art which they already owned but didn’t have a place for — a collection of works by Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Damien Hirst that didn’t fit into their other, more traditional homes.

Here, colors clash and swirl, furniture is modular, mirrored and chrome. Polka dots and bold stripes splash across walls. The kids’ bathrooms feature scratch-and-sniff (!!!) wallpaper (the banana pattern seen here immediately brings to mind the Velvet Underground). Much of the furniture is originals by modernist designer/ sculptor Paul Evans, including the ‘Cityscape’ mirrored chairs in the dining room and four-post bed in the master bedroom. There’s even a giant disco ball hanging over the bar. The end result is a trip via the Wayback Machine that starts at the Cheetah club and ends up at Studio 54.

And with this once-in-a-lifetime day-trip is now on the market, it can be yours for a mere $27.5 million.