converted into houses

January 30, 2017 in good reads, homestyle by editor

Over three decades before HGTV’s ‘You Live In What?’, writer and historian Charles A. Fracchia published his own study of uniquely transformed spaces in the book Converted into Houses (1976). Featuring colorful exterior and inside photos of 33 dwellings across the world, if you like homes with a bit of quirk, and love 1970s decor, then you need this book. Behold as a chicken coop becomes a rustic rancher, a Parisian bakery transforms into townhouse, and a church is now a cozy loft space. And oh, the interior design! Lots of platform beds, plant life, chrome trim, and mid-century mixed with bohemian touches. There are also plenty of converted factories, as has become the norm nowadays. As Fracchia notes, aside from basics like plumbing, there were not a lot of reconstruction needed to transform these spaces into homes, most owners kept the original nooks and crannies intact. You can find used copies of Converted into Houses on Amazon for less than $1!