art of glass

April 15, 2017 in homestyle by editor

Melboure-based Bride&Wolfe creates whimsical, curious home goods inspired by European folklore and pop culture nostalgia. The company was founded back in 2005, when founder Miranda Moreira returned to Australia after living abroad in Paris. While employed as a private chef in the City of Light, she was smitten by a wood-cut sculpture of Hansel & Gretel, which she spotted in an antique shop on her way to work. But while the shop’s owner refused to sell it, the image stayed with Miranda and became the original inspirational source for Bride&Wolfe’s initial offerings: Intricately detailed wood sculptures and wall art that look to have jumped from the pages of an old book of fairytales.

Today, Bride&Wolfe’s product line has expanded beyond woodcut wonders to include a collection of mirrors that have brought them worldwide attention. Cut from shatterproof plexiglass in vivid colors shaped like rainbows, lightning bolts, and ice cream cones, they remind us of the wacky wonderful things you’d find in a Jersey boardwalk souvenir shop in the 1980s. Also emitting a whiff of nostalgia are the metal ‘mesh’ shelves rendered in pastel shades that look straight off the set of ‘Miami Vice’ (the TV version). Everything that Bride&Wolfe produces is made in Melbourne and in small batches to ensure quality. They ship worldwide and if you have an idea that is not currently available on their site, they’re totally open to hearing your ideas.