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February 23, 2016 in good reads by editor

Lovers of 80s fashion need to get a copy of the Benetton Color Style File. Published in 1987 during the brand’s zenith, it features 140 pages of fashion and makeup advice based on season, skin tone, and mood. ‘Play with color, and you’re playing with your whole personality!’ explains Benetton. Are you a romantic? Then, ‘Pastels are for you.’ Fans of primary bright clothes should choose ‘makeup to match’. Those with fluorescent tendencies need ‘zany’ hairstyles to go with their wardrobes. Yes, the advice here is antiquated at best, but much of the fashion looks surprisingly fresh and wearable in 2016. Stylist Caroline Baker, fashion editor for groundbreaking magazine Nova, acted as the book’s Fashion Consultant, creating Benetton’s mix-and-match layered-looks that are undeniably playful and relevant today.

Copies can be found on Amazon for ONE PENNY!!! So go get yours now.


the 80s Benetton look today

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