your 1985 fashion & beauty horoscope

January 20, 2017 in photo play by editor

From the January 1985 issue of Seventeen ~

‘Heavenly hints about what works best for your sign…plus fun predictions about what’s in the stars for you in ’85.’

Aries, you’re the archetypal New Woman: brave, adventurous, always looking forward to the future.’
‘You sensual, patient, gentle Taurus girls have high standards for everything, including clothes and make-up.’

Gemini girls with their “twin” natures, are double trouble!’
‘If you’re senitmental and old-fashioned, pouty and cuddly, chances are, you’re a Cancer.’

‘‘Outrageous, dramatic Leo: You just love to strut your stuff! You’re a proud lioness, and your glory is your thick, beautiful mane of hair…’
Virgo, you’re the lovely “farmer’s daughter” of the zodiac. You have a pretty, fresh-scrubbed face and pure, healthy good looks that go perfectly with your down-to-earth nature.’

‘We think of true femininity when we think of you, Libra: pretty, romantic, on the shy and quiet side but with a definite flirty streak.’
’“Look into my eyes,” says the Scorpio miss, and no boy can resist!’

‘The world’s your oyster, Sagittarius girl. You want to explore it, have fun in it, turn it upside down!’
‘Whatever you do, Capricorn, you do it the best. You’re beautiful, wise and loyal, and you strive for excellence in every area of your life…’

‘And now, presenting the one, the only, the original Aquarius girl. She’s a delightful creature who needs lots of freedom to experiment – especially with clothes.’
Pisces, you’re the zodiac’s glamour girl! Your shy, mysterious mermaid-like glamour shown in the way you hide coyly behind a few wisps of hair and in your love of the color green.’

Photography by Ron Lynch