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October 16, 2014 in homestyle by editor


No loft space? No problem. You can adopt the look of this mid-70s living room through an inventive mix of furnishings and decoration.

This remarkable living space was showcased in a remodeling feature from the August 1976 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Designed by architect Philip Smerling, 2/3rds of the original living room ceiling were removed and an attic became a lofty bedroom with balcony that overlooks the ground floor. But even if you don’t have an ultra modern high ceiling pad at your disposal, you can lift the zippy interior style for whatever space you’re living in now. Just mix rustic and modern elements (like a chrome glass table and a couple woven baskets), punch up a wall with in a citrus hue, and add some tactile interest with a plus, shaggy rug or woolen throw blanket.


clockwise from top left:

chair: Joy Bird ~ pillow: Kohl’s ~ Magritte print: Kohl’s ~ basket: Crate & Barrel ~ table: Tag Furnishings ~ flannel throw: Happy Blanket
tea light: Torres and Tagus ~ area rug: JC Penney ~ teapot & sugarbowl: Villeroy & Boch ~ woven centerpiece: One King’s Lane