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December 11, 2012 in homestyle by editor

How to get the look of Goldie Hawn’s psychedelic pad from the 1969 film, Cactus Flower.

Our love for Goldie Hawn shows now bounds, especially when it comes to her starring theatrical debut, Cactus Flower. In the 1969 film, Goldie plays Toni Simmons, a record-store clerk with a taste for teeny tiny skirts, long lashes and “black leather slacks”. Living in the counterculture haven of Greenwich Village, New York City, she dates the much older Julien (Walter Matthau), a successful dentist who tells Toni that he cannot marry her because he is already hitched. Thing is, the sneaky bastard isn’t really married; a confirmed bachelor, he just doesn’t want to settle down with anyone. Toni, however, likes him too much to dump him so she endures the heartache. After a botched “suicide” attempt on Toni’s part, Julien has a change of heart and decides he wants to wed her after all. But first, he must convince her that he is married (and on the verge of divorce) thereby enlisting his smitten nurse (Ingrid Bergman) to play the part of his estranged wife. In the meantime, Toni befriends her adorable, much more age-appropriate neighbor Igor Sullivan (Rick Lenz) and as you might expect, hilarity ensues in this wackadoodle love-quadrant. Goldie’s performance so charmed the critics, that they awarded her an Oscar for “Best-Supporting Actress”.

Anywho, Cactus Flower — an adaptation of the 1965-68 Broadway show which in turn was based on the French play, Fleur de Cactus — is a very enjoyable, light-hearted farce with the added bonus of being full of colorful, late-60’s eye-candy. Aside from Toni’s parade of mini dresses and turtleneck sweaters is her enviable apartment.

A cozy little studio equipped with a “secondhand stove”, Toni adorns the place with seemingly found objects and odds and ends, shades of pink, orange and green, slogan posters and flower power decals on the exposed pipes. There is also a playfull mess of texture and print, with throw pillows in faux fur, brocade and acid trip swirls, right next to an elegant Tiffany-style glass lamp. It’s fun without being mindbendingly wacky, exactly how a hip 21-year old shopgirl living in NYC would decorate her first flat. It’s hard to imagine a similar situation in modern day New York, where Goldie’s ramshackle third-floor walk-up would easily rent for $2,500 a month.

And the stove probably wouldn’t even be new.

poster: David Weidman ~ light switch plate: Desert Arts Pottery ~ orange embroidered pillow: Worldstock Fair Trade ~ Mongolian fur pillow: High Fashion Home ~ photo frame: ~ bedding: Plazatex ~ piggy planter: Desert Arts Pottery ~ yellow bowl: Jonathan Adler
lamp: Lighting Universe ~ zig zag pillow: Zazzle